AmCan® acknowledges the significance of utilizing industry-specific technology and analytics frameworks in order to consistently optimize costs without increasing logistics risks.

Over the years, AmCan® has devoted significant resources to develop, maintain, and operate an efficient and cost effective supply chain model using world-class Information Technology infrastructure. The technology used by the organization has served to monitor key activity, provide information security, identify opportunities, and ensure reliability. Specialized engineers are employed to oversee and manage our technological infrastructure. Futhermore, all information within our corporation is hosted using dedicated servers, which ensure information is kept highly secure and confidential.

Currently, the company operates using the leading software for integrated Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) solutions from SAP. SAP is the world leader in enterprise software and software related services. AmCan® utilizes SAP to monitor crucial metrics such as product availability, shelf life, incoming shipments and much more. This system provides the organization with an accurate and quantifiable overview of company operations. SAP data is also used to identifying opportunities for improvement within our supply chain model and logistics using key metrics and triggers to minimize losses and forecast demand.