AmCan® is an international conglomerate engaged in several distinct commercial faculties within North America, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. AmCan® facilitates several enterprises spanning from retail commerce to product distribution within the FMCG industry.

Originally established in 1991 as a general trading firm; the organization was initially involved in the export and distribution of consumer goods, including cosmetics and beauty products throughout the Middle East and Asia. AmCan® has since evolved and operates from a position of eminence in these competitive markets. In fact, AmCan® is among the largest FMCG distributors of specialty products within the Middle East region, led by a team with decades of combined experience in all facets of the FMCG community.

The remarkable success of AmCan® is attributed to the core philosophies and practices exercised within all tiers of the organization. AmCan® has successfully facilitated the expansion of distribution networks for hundreds of companies across the globe to its designated regions; employing efficient supply chain management and multi-level marketing paradigms to maximize brand awareness and consumption. (new section)

Utilizing extensive regional market knowledge coupled with a comprehensive distribution network – companies who are aiming to expand their market share collaborate with AmCan®.

Currently, the organization represents over 30 leading international brands within the Middle East region. In addition to its distribution profile, AmCan® investments are diversified within numerous industries including shipping, real estate, health care, construction, and retail.


To supply the wholesale/retail market with category-leading products within the FMCG industry.


To operate as the leading distributor of choice to successfully launch, market, and stimulate the sale of products within the FMCG industry.


Our core philosophies and practices are expressed by our SUPERIOR values.

  • Superior Products – Providing high quality, category-leading products manufactured using industry best practices (NHP focus/GMP compliant).
  • Superior Distribution – The efficiency and effectiveness of our supply chain management results in optimal quality and efficiency.
  • Superior Marketing – Employing multi-level marketing paradigms to ultimately increase consumer awareness and brand perception. Consequently, capitalizing on the brands maximum potential.
  • Superior Service – Employee training paradigms produce knowledgeable, honest, accountable, and passionate staff in a co-operative and supportive work environment.