AmCan® recognizes the importance of multi-level marketing. The organization exercises industry best practices in order to effectively communicate the value of the products and brands it distributes. In fact, providing superior marketing is one of the core foundational values that has served as an asset to the success of AmCan® and its partners.

The marketing practices employed by AmCan® are founded on contemporary internal and external paradigms. AmCan® invests in thorough market analysis; allowing the organization to understand consumer behaviour and model marketing strategies which complement the data. These techniques are used to cultivate increased consumer awareness, employee/consumer education, and positive brand perception, which in turn maximize a brands potential to prosper in our specialized markets. Moreover, in understand regional consumer behavior, AmCan® provides professional consultation with its partners to identify opportunities for growth and nuances required to effectively penetrate its unique markets.

Our external marketing paradigms involve all practices used to communicate with the end-consumers. We employ both traditional and contemporary strategies.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Partnering with the largest online nutritional supplement store within MENA (
  • Online promotions via banner ads, promotional blogs, promotional videos, and social media
  • Utilizing online marketing tools such as remarketing and Google AdWords
  • In-gym ads and kiosks; sampling and giveaways
  • Hosting promotional events; consumer interactions with brand ambassadors
  • Working with retailers; in-store remodeling to increase consumer interest and awareness
  • Available use of contracted Professional photographers and videographers
  • Traditional marketing platforms such as billboard ads, magazine ads, branded merchandise etc.

Our internal marketing paradigms involve all practices used to communicate with AmCan® staff and our retailer’s staff. These internal marketing practices ensure service is met with knowledgeable, accountable and passionate staff.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Employing individuals who possess an innate interest in the industry of health and wellness.
  • Employees attend product webinars and workshops to gain necessary product knowledge.
  • Employee Recognition and Reward Programs (e.g. for meeting sales targets, for attending webinars).
  • Improving employee job satisfaction by providing a co-operative and supporting work environment.